Lyme Disease and Babesiosis, both tick bite and other insect related diseases are rapidly spreading in North America, Europe and Asia.

They often are difficult to detect as they  can mimic other chronic diseases, such as

Chronic Fatigue Syndrome (CSF) Rheumatoid Arthritis (RA)

Multiple Sclerosis (MS) or Fibromyalgia.

    • Have you or a loved one been diagnosed with Lyme Disease or Babesiosis?
    • Had a flu that you never recovered from, leaving you weak and anxious?
    • Do your joints or muscles hurt and you are unable to find  relief?
    • Do you feel a burning under your skin, numbness or tingling in your body
    • Is your memory failing and/or is it a challenge to remember what you just read?
    • Have you suddenly developed allergies and/or multiple chemical sensitivities
    • Have you seen many professionals only to hear that there is nothing wrong with you?


If any of this is true to you, you are at the right place!


Imagine :

    • You can think clearly again, retain what you have read, work and study comes easily to you
    • Enjoying your favorite sport is pain free and leaves you energized
    • You can go on vacations, visit your loved ones or far away places

This is where working with me can make all the difference:

Most conventional approaches for Lyme/Babesiosis address only the bacteria and it’s co-infections.

My primary goal is to empower the human body to heal itself

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